Lil Wayne 48"x72" Oil on Canvas. From the "UNDER THE INFLUENCE" collection


Centered amongst the best, his passion flooded the contest.


An epiphany of stardom beamed outwardly through his mental command,

Advanced a culture of hip hop to the depths of a new land. 


Progressively coasting down history with themed metaphors 

laced with the antidotes,

Stamped the rockstar freedom - title him the GOAT. 


Lyrically mastering the generational clock, 

Out of this world flow awaiting the spaceship dock. 


Tattoos and locs accessorized his physical,

Mirroring his wisdom stamped with bars and riddles.


All jokes aside, a lyrical god,

writes imaginary words with an golden rod. 

- Weezy

By Bianca Beasley

"The Influencer Vol 1" Oil on Canvas